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Live Music

A great live act can be the lifeline of any event. CEA will help you set the stage for weddings, corporate events, birthday parties and more. We have you covered.

There's nothing like a live band to liven things up - from birthday parties and weddings to bat/bar mitzvahs or corporate functions. We've got every type of act, for every type of event.

Look around and click on the link to see a variety of performers in each category. Once you find what you like, click the Contact Now button to proceed. That’s when we go to work to secure the perfect act for your special event. 

You'll easily find the perfect wedding music band for your special day.
Find a band that covers your favorite tunes!
Mama said son you gotta be a man. You gotta be the leader of a reggae band. - Peter Tosh
We're gonna dance on the funk and make love on this song.
Baby dont stop, everybody get up. Baby dont stop, dj let the beat drop. Dont you leave me.
Book a tribute band for your event and enjoy as if you were watching the original artist!
The very best tried and true professional vocalists that Chicago has to offer.
A touch of class to impress your guests
Make your event sound smooth as silkā€¦ daddy-o.
From turntables and rapping to beatboxing and breaking dancing, we have hip-hop covered!
Let us help you hire the perfect professional pianist for your next event.
Grab your 10 Gallon Hat and get ready to 2-Step ALL Night.
not just songs about drinking and how my wife left me...
When you need to ROCK... then this is the place! Look here to find some of the areas best rock bands.
We march to the beat of a different drummer.
Latin is the spice of life...
Variety is the Spice of LIFE
Folk & Gospel
You'll easily find the oldies band for your special day. intricate arrangement and takes the listener on a good journey.
Something to satisfy the crowd