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Louis Armstrong once said, “If you have to ask what jazz is, you’ll never know.” Well, you know what jazz is and you love it! Whether you are looking for a duo, a trio, or an entire jazz ensemble, CEA can help make your event sound smooth as silk… daddy-o.

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Bassel & The Supernaturals
Bassel & The Supernaturals ›
Soul, Jazz, Funk, Rock
Quality soulful entertainment for corporate events, festivals, universities, clubs, and private…
The St. Louis Big Band
The St. Louis Big Band ›
"Did you hire Michael Buble, because they were that good!"
25% off sale going on now! Visit their website to learn how to take advantage of this limited…
Grupo Paz
Grupo Paz ›
Latin Jazz; Brazilian; Jazz
Grupo Paz is a Latin Jazz quartet with repertoire spanning Cuban, Brazilian, and American Jazz…
Samuel Hankins Band
Samuel Hankins Band ›
Jazz, R&B, Funk & Dance
A six piece smooth jazz, contemporary jazz band and straight ahead jazz group. “Sam Hankins…
Bernard Scavella
Bernard Scavella ›
Jazz, Wedding, Classical
Meet Bernard Scavella Let Bernard Scavella take you on a journey across music genres, one saxo…
Flamin' Yon
Flamin' Yon ›
Live Music, Street Fests, Parties, Events
A Band with Attitude. Authentic Rock n' Roll, Blues, Jazz, Funk. Range from Originals to Covers…
Dig Engine
Dig Engine ›
Based out of Chicago’s near west suburbs, Dig Engine writes original songs that look at t…
Timothy Burns
Timothy Burns ›
Acoustic Folk Band - Authentic Blues Band - Jazz Quartet
Acoustic Flight - a band dedicated to acoustic music such as American Folk, Gypsy Jazz, Blue Gr…
Chicago Latin Groove
Chicago Latin Groove ›
Latin, Jazz, Cover, Wedding
Chicago Latin Groove is a 9 piece family friendly, high energy, tropical music cover band that…