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Country Bands

Country Music in Chicago has been very popular for many years. It continues to gain in popularity... so, grab your 10 Gallon Hat and get ready to 2-Step ALL Night. If you like Country Music then this is the place. 

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Redeye ›
Country, Blues, Southern Rock, Outlaw Country
Taking the Midwest music scene by storm, the members of Redeye have toured the Midwest opening…
Brass Buckle Band
Brass Buckle Band ›
Country Band; Country-Rock Band; Cover Band
Brass Buckle Band is Chicagoland’s premier country-rock band, taking this genre to a whole ne…
Whistling Dixies
Whistling Dixies ›
Country Band
Whistling Dixies are a hot new band on the rise of the Chicago country music scene. Fronted…
The Marshall County Trio
The Marshall County Trio ›
Blues Americana Originals
By going back to the roots of American Music and adding their own gritty and powerful interpret…
Dick Deluxe
Dick Deluxe ›
Singer/songwriter, country, folk, blues
Dick Deluxe is a singer/songwriter of the highest caliber. His 40 years of experience has honed…
Josh Palm aka Johnny Cash
Josh Palm aka Johnny Cash ›
Johnny Cash, Rockabilly, Country, Live performance
Josh Palm has been perfecting Johnny cash since 2005! Looking for a great Johnny Cash for your…
Olivia Dvorak
Olivia Dvorak ›
Country, Rock, Folk, Celtic, Blues
Artist | Singer | Songwriter | Guitarist | Performer Olivia Dvorak is a songwriter and artist w…
Philadelphia Phil
Philadelphia Phil ›
Americana, Blues, Country, Swing
Singer, songwriter, guitarist and poet, Philadelphia Phil, combines lively ragtime and fingerst…
Suburban Cowboys
Suburban Cowboys ›
The Ultimate Country Cover Band is SUBURBAN COWBOYS! This explosive show is designed for countr…