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You want to rock all night and party every day? So do we! No seriously...that is all we really want to do. Unfortunately our boss wont let us, so we decided to do the next best thing. We compiled the best pure Rock talent that Chicago has to offer and they are ready to make sure your next event is ROCK SOLID!

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Bear & Jake Acoustic
Bear & Jake Acoustic ›
Cover Bands, Acoustic Bands, Rock Bands, Pop Bands, Oldies
Bear & Jake Acoustic are an acoustic duo, playing a diverse & unique catalog of recognizable, u…
Fletcher Rockwell
Fletcher Rockwell ›
Rock 'n' Roll, Americana, Country, Cover Bands
With classic Americana-tinged rock & roll steeped in the blue-collar charm of their hometow…
As Am I
As Am I  ›
An unexpected combination of musicians. with smooth melodies and heavy tones; As Am I brings th…
Last Second Drop
Last Second Drop ›
Original Music, Blues, Rock, Pop, Jam
Last Second Drop is Chicago's own blues-rock band with a truly unique vibe. Their music, fresh…
Cover Band, Rock Band, Alternative Rock, Pop & Funk, Dance
NORTHSIDE has been rocking the Chicagoland circuit for almost 2 decades. Northside is a 5 memb…
The Collective
The Collective ›
Cover Band, Rock Band
Party band extraordinaire! Get the crowd singing along and dancing all night to awesome altern…
Hot Rocks Rolling Stones Tribute
Hot Rocks Rolling Stones Tribute ›
Tribute Bands, Cover Bands, Oldies Bands, Rock Bands
More than a tribute, a complete Rolling Stones show, with the sound, the look and the energy. O…
Veronica Lake Band
Veronica Lake Band ›
Classic Rock, Cover Band
Veronica Lake has been jammin together since “1995”. The singer Kathleen, sing…
Rock, Cover Band
Do you enjoy the contemporary "soft rock" hits from the 70's and 80's? Coming to a stage near y…