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You know that reoccurring dream where you are all alone standing naked behind some sort of podium in front of a room full of people delivering a speech about something you have no business trying to sound intelligent about? We hate that dream too! Thats why we found Chicago’s finest speakers to make sure that dream never becomes a reality!

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Ben Franklin, Live!
Ben Franklin, Live! ›
Event speaker, keynoter, motivational speaker
In the costume and character of Ben Franklin, I present motivational, even inspirational talks…
Game Show Gurus
Game Show Gurus ›
Variety, Game Shows, Children/Family, Interactive, Promotional
We get your guests involved and create an exciting alternative to other forms of entertainment.…
Fred Zimmerman - The Chicago Mentalist
Fred Zimmerman - The Chicago Mentalist ›
Mentalist Magician Psychic
After watching "Now You See It..." or "The Mentalist," did you ever wonder, "Can anyone really…
Master Magician, T.A. Hamilton
Master Magician, T.A. Hamilton  ›
Magician, Keynote Speaker, Illusionist, Voice-over Artist
Welcome to the world of 'the unexplained'. TA Hamilton is a Master "Illusionist", "Magician" an…
Larry Carpenter / Santa Claus
Larry Carpenter / Santa Claus ›
Speakers, Children's Parties, Comedians
SANTA CLAUS is coming To Town! Santa wants to be a part of the wonderful and exciting even…
Elliott From of Artbeat Live!
Elliott From of Artbeat Live! ›
Live Art, Speed Painter, Corporate Entertainment
“International expressionist performance painter Elliott From of Artbeat Live brings a new lo…
Dan Lornitis Hypnotist
Dan Lornitis Hypnotist  ›
Hypnotists Speakers Comedians
Need a unique, memorable entertainment event for your annual meeting, corporate retreat, or cli…