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The Revelettes
The Revelettes ›
The Revelettes are an super groovy collection of '60s-style go-go dancing darlings. We dance cl…
Moxie Stunts
Moxie Stunts ›
Stunts, Acrobat, Movement
Touching and romantic, this act is a male and female acrobatic duo. Their inspiring movement an…
Joe Martino and the Volare dancers
Joe Martino and the Volare dancers ›
Music, Entertainment, Sinatra, authentic Italian, dancers
Accordionist one man orchestra features Joe Martino as a one man orchestra with tracks, modules…
James Gambrell / One Night Band
James Gambrell / One Night Band ›
Corporate Bands, Wedding Bands, Celebrity Impersonators, Dancers
I'm a singer / dancer / saxophone player / Lenny Kravitz look-alike. I currently front a party/…
The Runaway Circus
The Runaway Circus ›
Circus, Staged Performance, Strolling Performers, Sideshow
We are an upscale circus performance company that provides unique entertainment for all events;…
Jersey Girls music is based of Frankie Valli music . THE Jersey Girls also do a mix of upbeat d…