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Your substitute teacher covered class while the professor was away. Your co-worker covered your shift when you 'called in sick.' While CEA does not have the credentials to teach Geometry or cover your workload while you play hooky, we can help you find a band that covers your favorite tunes! 

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16 Candles
16 Candles ›
Award Winning Cover Band
Established in 2003. 16 Candles makes it their personal duty and pleasure to bring all the grea…
Too White Crew
Too White Crew ›
Hip hop, party, dance, 80's, 90's, tribute, rap, old school
Alright STOP. Collaborate an’ LIS-en. Remember when hip hop Talked About Sex? When you…
O.N.S.E.T ›
Rock Band, Cover Band
O.N.S.E.T is an Award Winning Rock/Classic Rock cover band from the Chicago Northwest Suburbs f…
Falling Objects
Falling Objects ›
Rock Band, Cover Band, Alternative Rock
Are you a Tom Petty, Beatles, Stones, Oasis, R.E.M., Elvis, Johnny Cash, Cars, Bowie, INXS fan…
The Collective
The Collective ›
Cover Band, Rock Band
Party band extraordinaire! Get the crowd singing along and dancing all night to awesome altern…
Cover Band, Rock Band, Alternative Rock, Pop & Funk, Dance
NORTHSIDE has been rocking the Chicagoland circuit for almost 2 decades. Northside is a 5 memb…
Steely Dane
Steely Dane ›
Tribute Bands/Steely Dan & Donald Fagan
Winner of the 2015 MAMA award for best cover band, Steely Dane is dedicated to not only faithfu…
Jersey Girls music is based of Frankie Valli music . THE Jersey Girls also do a mix of upbeat d…
Saturday June Band
Saturday June Band ›
Rock, Covers, Originals, Classic Rock
Saturday June Band is one of the top acts in the Midwest with a long list of credentials. They…