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Euphony Band
Euphony Band ›
Disco, Funk, R&B, Blues, Pop
We are a seven piece band that can serve your needs rather you desire quiet back ground smooth…
Samuel Hankins Band
Samuel Hankins Band ›
Jazz, R&B, Funk & Dance
A six piece smooth jazz, contemporary jazz band and straight ahead jazz group. “Sam Hankins…
Flamin' Yon
Flamin' Yon ›
Live Music, Street Fests, Parties, Events
A Band with Attitude. Authentic Rock n' Roll, Blues, Jazz, Funk. Range from Originals to Covers…
Soul Vaccination
Soul Vaccination ›
Classic Rock, R&B, Funk, Corporate, Wedding, Cover Bands, Tribute Bands
Soul Vaccination is a high intensity, high energy, horn-driven, classic rock band that hails fr…
Chicago Loud 9
Chicago Loud 9 ›
Indie Band - Originals + Covers (Neo-Soul, Funk, Hip Hop, R&B, Rock)
Neo-Soul, Funk, Hip Hop band from Chicago that performs original and cover music. Fronted by th…
Reverend Barry & The Funk
Reverend Barry & The Funk ›
Funk, R&B, Soul
Reverend Barry & The Funk is one of the most popular funk & soul bands from Southwest Florida.…
J-Livi & The Party
J-Livi & The Party ›
Music, Brass Band, Funk, Cover Band
J-Livi & The Party is a Chicago-based brass band that focuses on playing nothing but funk and h…
The Grip Band
The Grip Band ›
WE'RE HERE TO KEEP FUNK ALIVE , R&B FUNK AND COVER GROUP , we perform on stage and partys ,…
PJ & Soul
PJ & Soul ›
Soul, Funk, Jazz Funk, Jam Band and Gospel Funk
PJ is a Bassist, writer & entrepreneur from Chicago’s West Side. PJ began playing bass guitar…